Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders can be found all throughout Northern and Eastern Australia, along with the surrounding islands of Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They can be found in any forest where there is food supply but are commonly found in forests with eucalyptus trees. They are nocturnal, sleeping in their nests during the day and active at night. At night is when they hunt for insectsand small vertebrates and feed on the sweet sap of certain species of eucalyptusacacia and gum trees. The Sugar Glider is named for its preference for sweet foods and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel

Petaurus breviceps ( Sugar glider / gliding marsupial )
Diet : all type of vegetable and fruit
Very tame animal and non dangerous
Friendly pet for us and your family
Please ask for information

Please contact this number for information

Hatim :012-2581479
Hajid : 019-6933940
Hazim: 013-3139109
Muhaimin : 017-9173817
Amirul : 012-2552367

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